MIDIbox SID-NUXX - Display Cable

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Display Cable for the MIDIbox SID-NUXX

This is the pinout of cable from J15 of the MIDIbox SID-NUXX to the Crystalfontz CFAP2002A-Y-ECS PLED / OLED, the CFAH2002A-RMI-JP LCD, and other similar displays. Note that J15 of the MIDIbox SID-NUXX uses the same pinout as the reference MIDIbox core schematic and SmashTV's MBHP CORE Module, so this cable will likely be usable with other MIDIbox implementations as well.

Please confirm this pinout before using it, as you don't want to let the blue smoke out of your display. Also be certain to note which way the cable goes. Connecting either end incorrectly (or reversing the cable) could damage your MIDIbox, your display, or both!

On my cable shown here, Pin 1 is the side of the connector near the pink edge of the ribbon cable.

In order to make this cable, I used the following parts:

  • 517-89116-0001 - .100 Wire Mount Connectors 16P IDC SOCKET (x2)
  • 517-3448-89116 - .100 Wire Mount Connectors 16P STRAIN RELIEF FOR 89110 SERIES (x2)
  • 16 Place .100" Flat Ribbon Cable

Additionally, a 16 place, double row (2x8) .100" pin header needs to be installed on the Crystalfontz display in order to allow the socket to connect. I used part 571-1032408 from Mouser for this.

I repurposed an old floppy drive cable in order to make a ribbon cable. Simply cut off the connectors on an old floppy drive cable and trim it to the needed width, being careful not to stretch the cable nor nick any of the conductors. If you use an 'IDE' cable for, be sure it is an older .100" spacing one and not the newer, finer type used with ATA-66 and faster controllers/drives.


 MIDIbox Side   MIDIbox Naming   Crystalfontz LCD Naming   Crystalfontz LCD Pin 
1 E E 6
2 D0 DB0 7
3 RW R/W 5
4 D1 DB1 8
5 RS RS 4
6 D2 DB2 9
7 V0 Vo 3
8 D3 DB3 10
9 Vd Vdd 2
10 D4 DB4 11
11 Vs Vss 1
12 D5 DB5 12
13 B- K 16
14 D6 DB6 13
15 B+ A/Vee 15
16 D7 DB7 14