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Uploading MIOS with MIOS Studio


First, the software mentioned on this page is not my creation. I have simply compiled it and am making these binaries available because I know them to work on the MIDIbox SID-NUXX. They have not been tested with other MIDIbox implementations, nor are they likely to function there.

All binaries discussed on this page were found to be useful for developing and using the MIDIbox SID-NUXX. All of these were compiled with MPSAMWIN v5.03, which is part of MPLAB. Please find the source code to these applications at midibox.org. Information about changes I made can be found on the MIOS Changes page.

For licensing of the software, please contact the author, Thorsten Klose, at his site midibox.org.


MIOS Bootloader v1.9c

The bootloader must be loaded using some manner of PIC programmer. I do this with a PICkit 2 and the ICSP header on the mainboard, but it can also be done with the MIDIbox Hardware Platform PIC Burner, or any other PIC programming tool.

  • PIC18F4620, Device ID 0x00 w/ IIC MIDI at 0x10: mbsid-nuxx_mios_v1_9c_bootloader.hex

MIOS v1.9c

After installing the bootloader and booting the MIDIbox SID-NUXX, it will send SYSEX messages via MIDI stating that it is ready to receive software. This software then can be sent using MIOS Studio, a rather nice Java application for programming and testing MIOS-based devices. See the MIDIbox SID Walkthrough for more information on this.

  • PIC18F4620 w/ IIC MIDI at 0x10: mbsid-nuxx_mios_v1_9c.hex

MIDIbox SID Application v1.7303b

This is the MIOS application which actually allows the SID to function as a MIDI controlled synthesizer.

With 24LC256 (32k) EPROM:

With 24LC512 (64k) EPROM:

SID Testtone Generator v1

Plays a 1KHz triangle wave test tone via the SID. Good for confirming that the signal path to the SID is functioning and that audio out works.

Compiled for PIC18F4620: mbsid-nuxx_sid_testtone_v1.hex

SID Player Application v1b

A SID file player for the MIDIbox SID, compatible to the ASID protocol used by the SIDstation. Use software such as Asid XP or SIDPLAY/Windows to send .SID files to the MIDIbox SID-NUXX via MIDI.

Compiled for PIC18F4620: mbsid-nuxx_sidplayer_v1b.hex

LCD Benchmark Application

As the directions state:

This is some kind of benchmark which helps to evaluate the performance of various character and graphical displays, as well as the execution speed of a custom LCD driver
16 characters are print 4 times (-> 64 characters), the execution time is measured with timer3, prescaler 1:8 - this means, that the counter result has to be multiplied by 8 and 100 nS (@40 MHz) to get the absolute delay

Thusly: Result * 8 * 100nS = Delay In mS

Compiled for PIC18F4620: mbsid-nuxx_lcd_benchmark.hex