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Category: acquired things

Time For New Sandals

My old sandals, some Nike Air Deschutz from the mid 1990s.

Since the early 90s I’ve had the exact same pair of sandals, which I’d wear whenever I was out washing the car, or doing other things which sandals are appropriate for. They are the ones seen above, an old, very worn pair of Nike Air Deschutz. They would still be plenty serviceable, except that the last time I was watching Tobi she chewed part-way through one of the straps. That, and they are beyond the not-particularly-attractive stage.

When at REI last night I came across some Ahnu Tilden II sandals on clearance $49.83. The size 10 seemed to fit me well, so I picked them up. After going for a few walks around here and trying them out I think I like them, I’m just not accustomed to my toes being enclosed while not wearing socks, so they’ll take a little getting used to. Here is a photo of the sandals themselves, if you are interested.

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