Archive for 24th February 2012

Shattered Hard Drive Platter

To collect neodymium magnets for rebuilding the not-currently-great drip tray to kegerator / kegged beer cooler I started disassembling more old hard drives, attempting to salvage the magnets. When disassembling one drive I decided it’d be fun to bend the platter, but I (stupidly) didn’t pay attention to the platter material before doing so. The result? Tiny bits of broken glass and amazingly thin foil spraying all over the basement floor. Whoops.

At least it was easy to clean up.

I had little luck collecting useful magnets from the drives because some were too small, some drives only had one, and many of them shattered as I removed them. Instead I’ll just buy a bunch of tiny ones on eBay or Amazon and epoxy them on instead. It’ll be a lot easier.

iPod Battery Replaced

Roughly six years after buying my black fifth generation iPod I finally replaced the battery. After years of working well it was starting to fail, providing me with only a few hours of music listening while at work, way down from the original 10-15 that I was getting when it was new.

The replacement battery was part number BIPOD550MV30 from OWC, a very reliable online Apple reseller who has been around for years, and cost just over $20 shipped. While I could have purchased a cheaper battery via eBayI wanted to be sure to get one from a reliable place, so if I had problems with it there wouldn’t be an issue returning it.

The battery is now installed and charging, so hopefully by morning it’ll be full and ready to go.