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Phenom Shuffle

A convenient trade took place recently, with me my swapping someone the white Specialzed Phenom from the trainer for a same-size one, but black with a red nose and wings. (He wanted the white one to match the all-white bike that he’s putting together.) Tonight I set it all up, taking the original Phenom with silver accents from the Titus and moved it over to the trainer and, as seen above, putting the new red-accented one on the Titus. I think it’ll match nicely with the other red bits on the bike such as the brake barrel adjusters, cassette, and cable housing.

This spring, once I put the trainer away (or maybe even a little before then), I’ll then take the silver-accented one and move it over to the El Mariachi. (This bike doesn’t have any red on it at all, and thus the red-accented saddle would have looked rather out of place.) I have a feeling I’ll be riding this bike quite a bit and I’d like it fitted with a saddle that agrees with bit more with my bits than the WTB Laser V that’s currently on it. The Laser V is a good saddle for a bike that I don’t ride for long periods of time, but extended periods of sitting on it tend to make things feel a bit… off.