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Public Domain Mountain Bike Trail Courtesy Yield Sign

Public Domain Mark

In mountain biking literature it’s common to find graphics which replicate a yield sign and indicate that, as a courtesy while riding trails, cyclists should yield to both hikers and equestrians. I recently found myself needing one of these graphics for a map that I’m working on, and while it’s easy to find small raster (PNG, GIF, etc) versions online I was unable to easily locate a vector copy, much less one that had a license allowing free reuse. So, I made one myself and it’s available as public domain for anyone to reuse.

This graphic, as seen above, can be downloaded from here in EPS format: mtb_trail_courtesy_yield_sign_v1.eps

In making this logo I used cyclist, hiker, and equestrian graphics provided by the National Park Service as part of their Map Symbols for NPS Maps. Being released in October 2011 these are as up to date as possible. Curiously, these symbols have just one symbol for “Bicycle Path” which seems to combine all cycling routes under one symbol.

I believe this artwork (mtb_trail_courtesy_yield_sign_v1.eps, MD5 checksum 4aac401c347b80675a673e756a604480) to be free of known copyright restrictions and I am thereby releasing it into the public domain. If this artwork is reused elsewhere a citation (to Steve Vigneau / would be appreciated, but it is not necessary.