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Day: December 21, 2011

Vector Symbols for Maps

Ever been drawing a map and found yourself needing vector copies of symbols? Well, thanks to the great state of Minnesota there is a font containing most of these symbols freely available. On the state’s page Recreation Symbols Extension for ArcView one can download recreate.ttf, a 126-character TrueType font containing indicators for everything from XC ski trail difficulty to lighthouse locations and from winter camping sites to RV dump locations.

To make using this font easier I’ve created a spreadsheet-based key listing each of the symbols next to their corresponding Unicode character. This can be found here: Minnesota DNR Recreation Symbol True Type Font Key.xlsx

There’s a few other nifty things that Minnesota has provided to the general GIS community, including Road Symbols. The rest can be found here.

UPDATE: Here is another set of symbols provided by the National Park Service (NPS). These are much more up to date and provided as both PDF and .AI files.