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Broken Garage Door Closed Sensor

This evening I was tightening and adjusting a few bits on my garage door when I noticed that the plastic garage door closed sensor was bent to one side. Upon touching it and applying a bit of pressure to bend it back it snapped off, rendering the opener incapable of detecting when the door was closed. The result was that the door would close, hit the pavement, press hard, then reverse making it impossible to close the door without stopping it manually.

Wanting this fixed I hurriedly grabbed some scrap aluminum (left over end panels from the SDrive NUXX) and fashioned a new lever with a slightly different spring retention system. As rebuilding this required drilling out the original pivot rivet I had to use a screw in its place, but hopefully this will work out fine. I also applied some UHMW polyethylene tape to the edge of the lever in hopes of keeping it from abrading the sled which presses against it. Some nail polish was also used as thread locker (because I couldn’t find my Loctite) to hopefully keep the assembly together.

A photo of the resulting assembly can be seen here, and thus far it’s installed and working fine. Hopefully it’ll continue to work well and the old, low-quality plastic part will have a permanent replacement.