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Day: June 30, 2011

First Flat of the Year

Today while riding at Stony Creek I got my first flat of the year, a pinch flat that happened somewhere in the Back 9 of the Roller Coaster. Just yesterday I switched from the original rigid fork on the Salsa El Mariachi to a squishy Rock Shox Reba which made me feel much more comfortable riding the trail quickly. I strongly suspect that I was fine with the lower pressure when riding the rigid bike more slowly, but today I took something a little too fast, didn’t pick as nice of a line, and pinched the tube. Oh well. That’s what spares are for.

(This was another great day of riding. In the last four days I’ve been lucky enough to ride almost all of my favorite local trails, including Bald Mountain, Addison Oaks, Stony Creek, River Bends, and Maybury.)