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Day: June 1, 2011

Ragley Carnegie’s Bar on Salsa El Mariachi

Yesterday I fitted my new-ish single speed, the Salsa El Mariachi with a Ragley Carnegie’s Bar; the same handle bar that’s on the Titus. After tonight’s ride at Stony Creek with it I’m very, very happy with this as a single speed bar. At 80mm wider than the previous carbon fiber bar I had in place it’s a lot easier to rock the bike side to side while standing and pedaling, and the different hand position is much more comfortable to me.

I’m really starting to like how this bike feels, and even as a single speed it felt extremely fast to ride today. I think I’m going to enjoy riding this bike this year.

(I just have a few small quirks left to work out. Namely, there’s a small ticking noise that I think is coming from the stem/bar area, and the seatpost is slipping a little. The computer also isn’t working right, alternately logging way too fast of speeds or no data at all.)


Download Maps via QR Codes

While working up some revisions to the River Bends trail map for the trail head kiosk and I realized that having a QR code on it which links solely to a PDF of the same map might be a good idea. This would allow one to scan the code and download the map to a phone and keep an offline copy; exactly how one would want an electronic copy while out and about.

I think this would nicely augment the standard large map placed at the trail head and the typical paper map distribution box. One would just have to ensure that the link stays live for the life of the map. It might be a better idea to have the QR code on a separate smaller poster that just says “Scan Me to Download The Trail Map”, as it’d be cheaper / easier to update should the need arise.

This is probably the first productive use I’ve had for a QR code.

(The image above is a draft / mockup and links here to the current [but soon to be out of date] version of the map. Final implementation will definitely need more polish.)


Aggregate Shadows

I’ve always liked the aggregate shadows formed by the four discreet bulbs in the light fixture in the hallway bathroom. For once I finally took a photo of them, here as shown being cast by the latch on the door knob / lock.

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