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Stony Creek’s SNO-MASTER 72 and TRAKORs

This is the grooming equipment that the park system pulls behind a snowmobile to groom the trails. This setup, two TRAKOR groomers set behind a SNO-MASTER 72, is made by Snow Groomers of Harbor Springs, MI.

With around four new inches of snow here and some time this afternoon I decided to go cross country skiing at Stony Creek. This was a really good day for it, as the trails were freshly groomed, with tracks set throughout most of the two track mountain bike trail system, even beyond the signs that read Not A Ski Trail. I was able to ski for an enjoyable 2.5 hours covering most of the mountain bike trail and the loops in the golf course without backtracking.

Skiing down one rather steep hill I screwed up and fell. It could have been bad, but instead I just ended up topping over forward and landing on my knee and shoulder, throwing a spray of snow on my face and head while packing a bit inside of my jacket. I tried to snowplow down a particularly smooth, trackless, steep, but short section of trail and dug one ski in a bit too much, which caused me to flop straight over on to my face. Oops. I really wish someone had seen it, though, because it must have been pretty comical.

Here is another photo taken today of my skis in tracks somewhere in the southeast corner of the mountain bike trail area.

For those of you that know the Stony Creek trail system (map) I was skiing down the Woohoo hill from #23 to #22, and fell on the steepest of the three climbs; the middle one. This section is commonly ridden up on a bike after the Roller Coaster when heading to the right and climbing back up to cut through the middle of the park and head towards the trail head.