Archive for 18th January 2011

Tasty British Treats

A package that I’d been looking forward to arrived today from Dominic. Inside was some nifty software and a whole assortment of wonderfully British treats, including proper Sellotape (!!!), curry noodles (ramen-like, I believe), a resupply of PG Tips, some silly buttons, a cute WWF card, and some wonderful-looking candy, including a Curly Wurly which Danielle loved when we were in the UK back in 2008. This is wonderful. Not only is there a bunch of stuff to munch on, but I shouldn’t run out of tea for a while and can (hopefully finally?) do some nifty things to a map that I’ve been working on. Yay! This is great!

(Yes, I know that the arrangement of the photo is terrible. Sorry. I was being lazy.)

Stout Blowout!

48 hours after pitching yeast into the Lazy Stout I arrived home to find that the krausen had blown out the airlock. This surprise me, as it’s not a high gravity beer and didn’t seem to be particularly thick. Looks like the yeast is definitely doing its job, though.