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Stony Creek XC Marathon Race (2009) Photos

Today was the Stony Creek XC Marathon Race, run by Tailwind over at Stony Creek Metropark. I’ve been thinking it would be neat to try taking photos at a race, so I headed over there this morning to try it out. After unexpectedly running into some people I know via the MMBA we ended up wandering most of the single track together, watching and recording the race. The three other people I was with (Matt, Tim, and Jan) all had video camera stuff, and I had my 20D with a couple fast lenses (100mm Tokina and 24-70 Canon L).

I’m fairly happy with the photos, although it really is a lot harder than I’d expected to photograph things ducking in and out of the shadows in the woods. I ended up settling for properly exposing the riders, and letting the sun blow out any area which it fell on directly. I think this worked out pretty well. If you’d like to see the photos, click either the image above, or here: Stony Creek Marathon XC Race (2009)