Archive for 13th June 2009

Empty CD Rack

Last night I emptied my CD rack, and today I’ll be removing it from the wall. Boxing the CDs up felt a bit odd, because almost every single one was purchased listened to, enjoyed, and reasonably understood. With listening to music during all sorts of times, feelings, and experiences, a large, well-used CD collection is almost a story of years of one’s life.

Now that I have all the discs ripped I don’t need as ready of access to the discs, and the wall space could be better filled by a book / stuff shelf, so the CDs are being moved into storage in the basement. Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m putting aside a big part of my life and what makes me feel like me: music.

Impromptu Cheese Spread

This is what happens when I’m cleaning the fridge and decide to turn the leftover (and rather old) stubs of high quality cheese into cheese spread. Taking the general idea from this Good Eats recipe I took about six ounces of cheese, 1.5 Tbsp of butter, one clove of garlic, and a pinch of (inadvertantly) refrigerator dried parsley and processed it all together. The resulting spread is very good, but quite salty. I think it’ll work best as a potato or corn topping, or maybe a sandwich spread to compliment something else.

The cheeses used were very dried pieces of Montgomery Cheddar, Stitchelton, Raw Milk Clothbound Cheddar, and Caerphilly which were grated on a Microplane to near the rind. These grated cheeses were then padded out to roughly six ounces with about two ounces of Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar which is waiting around for me to use in more macaroni and cheese.