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Changes Around The House

The more I use my Millet Hybrid Maxed headphone amplifier, the more I realize that my iPod canot properly drive my old standby Sennheiser HD 570 headphones. Since the Millet Hybrid Maxed is a bit too large (and fragile) to bring to work, I’ve begun ordering the parts to build an AMB MiniĀ³.

I also ordered up some cardboard boxes, because I’ve decided that I’m going to take the CD rack out of my office and put all the CDs in storage in the basement. As seen here this takes up quite a bit of wall space, and with all the CDs long-ago ripped into iTunes I think this space would be better filled by a book shelf.

At the same time I’m also considering emptying the office and installing a hardwood floor, just to make for a nicer area to work in. Since moving the CD rack is one of the hardest parts of this job, after removing it and before removing the book shelf would be a good time to do it. I’m also considering putting hardwood down the hall and maybe into the dining area, but I’m not certain of this yet.

After this I’m also going to consider some other changes, like possibly moving my Mac Pro down to the basement, hanging from supports in the ceiling, so that it takes up less space in my office and is even less audible. I’d also like to re-rip all my CDs in a lossless format to more permanently archive them. We’ll see, though. These two tasks will probably take more effort than all the others.