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Strawberry Banana Gu Gel

Wanting a gel without caffeine for while riding, I picked up a Strawberry Banana-flavored Gu gel. While it does the job, I really don’t like the flavor. I think I’ll stick with the vanilla / chocolate Gu flavors, and maybe pick up this Hammer Nutrition gel flavor sample pack and try these out.

Today I went for a ride around Stony Creek after eating not quite enough food, so I had to eat two 100 calorie gels to keep myself going. The lack of food and my pushing myself meant that I kept feeling a bit shaky and dizzy until I ate something.

While riding around I came across this really swampy area filling in one of the paths, but thankfully there was a bit of newly worn trail going around the side of it. This is a route that I hadn’t taken before, but as it generally follows the normal route through Stony with a slightly new dimension, I think I’ll continue taking it. It exchanges two grueling back to back climbs for a quirky turn around a tree to avoid falling in the scummy swamp. (Weirdly, in the aforementioned photo it appears as if something disturbed (or started to go into) the swamp. I really hope it was a turtle and not one of the people heading out from that area as I was riding in.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here is what my legs looked like after today’s ride. No, those aren’t tan lines… That’s just dust from the trails.