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Dead Animal

This dead animal has been in the F parking lot at Stony Creek’s West Branch Picnic Area for a while, because I remember seeing it on Friday when caught in the storm. I’m not sure if it is a squirrel, small possum, or something else. If it’s not to your liking, enjoy this photo of a cute, fuzzy gypsy moth caterpillar instead.

Today I had a nice ride around Stony Creek, which was probably one of the easiest rides I’ve had in a while, despite doing a lap of all the single track without really stopping. I paused to throw some deadfall off the trail, and once to check that my rear tire had enough air (squeeze test), but didn’t actually take a break. It’s kinda nice.

I did fall at one point today, when doing a second lap of part of the Roller Coaster and trying to go over one of the more difficult log piles. I ran out of momentum, stopped part way up, and toppled over hitting my shin on a log. Thankfully I’ve only got a bump, few scrapes, sore shin, and what may become a bruise, though I don’t usually bruise, so it’ll likely just remain sore. Oh well.