Three Finished MIDIbox SID-NUXXs


A few months ago a friend asked me if I would be interested in assembling a MIDIbox SID for him, using some PCBs and components he had previously purchased. I declined this offer, but it got some thoughts brewing in my head.

While I like the modular, experimental idea of the MIDIbox project, it wasn't quite what I wanted. After initial assembly I wanted it to be a sealed box. Something which could be relied on for years to come with few potential points of failure. Additionally, I wanted it to be compact, elegant, and fairly easy to assemble.

While there are a few individuals selling PCBs based on the MIDIbox designs (Mike and SmashTV), I found that I was wanting a single PCB with everything on it. I had been looking for a new project to work on, and I found that the selective integration of MIDIbox Hardware Platform (MBHP) modules into a single board was within my reach. It was a project which was within my current grasp, yet there would still be a lot I would have to learn to complete the project. Sounds perfect to me.

Initially I had begun a project which I called the SIDbox. Due to some errors on my part and a lack of understanding about a few portions of MIOS these boards didn't work quite right. Additionally, Thorsten Klose, who started the MIDIbox project, asked that I change the name so that it would more obviously be part of the MIDIbox project.

So, here it all is... These pages are my documentation about the project I call the MIDIbox SID-NUXX. All the information you need to build a MIDIbox SID-NUXX of your own can be found here. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions about any of it.

I am presenting this project as a sort of open-source work, with all of the contributions found here being licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. This is to ensure that others can freely use this information, but that no one will profit from it. While the PCB CAD files, photoplotter, and drill files were previously made available, I have removed these from the site. Due to issues with individuals not following the license under which they were presented they are no longer available.

Of course, I cannot re-license portions of the MIDIbox project, so all content acquired from there will be specifically called out as not falling under this license. This includes, but is not limited to, the binaries, source code, logos, and the phrases "MIDIbox" and "MIDIbox SID".


Additional Photos

During the process of designing and assembling the MIDIbox SID-NUXX I took quite a few related photos. All of these photos can be found in the MIDIbox SID-NUXX part of my Gallery. The most interesting albums related to this are the photos detailing a number of steps leading to the completion (labeled In Progress) and Done!, which has a few photos of completed MIDIbox SID-NUXXs.


  • Mouser - The primary supplier I use for electronics components.
  • Digi-Key - Another great electronic component supplier.
  • Jameco - Another electronics supplier, especially good for obtaining power supplies.
  • McMaster-Carr - Very good supplier for fasteners and other mechanical components.
  • Crystalfontz - Manufacturer / supplier of many different LCD and OLED displays.
  • Front Panel Express, LLC - US manufacturer of custom milled metal panels. Provides easy to use software for part design and ordering.
  • All-Spec Industries - An excellent source of tools and supplies for working with electronics.
  • Flux Removal - How to clean flux from PCBs after assembly.
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