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Tenergy 14.8V 3000mAh Battery Pack with Powerpoles connectors.

Battery and Charger

To power the Bicycle Video Camera a Tenergy 14.8V 3000mAh battery pack was purchased from for US$46.99 (item 31367) along with the Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Pack (3.7V - 14.8V, 1-4 cells) (item 01211). The battery pack and charger have been fitted with Powerpoles to make charging connections easy.

Anderson Powerpole

Power connections between the power supply, battery, and charger are made using Anderson Power Products' Powerpole PP15 connectors[/url, better known as simply Powerpoles. These allow for easy and safe connections to be made without risk of short or reverse polarity. The connectors are assembled using the amateur radio de facto standard of red right, tongue top. More information on this use of Powerpoles can be found in here on Brooke Clarke / N6GCE's Power Pole page.

These connectors have been soldered|crimped together. Add more...

SanDisk V-Mate blah...

SanDisk V-Mate

  • Remote control worked terribly at first. After replacing CR2025 battery in remote control with a brand new one it's now just fine.
  • Firmware updated from 01.13.en to 02.07.ww.b8 which made the menu faster and introduced a preview prior to recording.
  • 3.5mm TRRS, from tip: Left, Video, Ground, Right.
Sunlite Bento Box

Sunlite Bento Box

The Sunlite Bento Box Frame Bag was selected to hold the SanDisk V-Mate, battery, and power supply. Purchased for US$11.95 (shipped) from eBay seller buildyourbike. This bag straps to the top tube and steerer of a bicycle; a perfect location for holding recording equipment close to a bar-mounted camera.

This bag is much lower cost than many other similar bags, but it's simple square shape, single large zipper, and lack of mesh top (unlike other bicycle bento box-type bags) makes it perfect for holding electronics. It is roughly 3" x 4" x 6" and has a some retroreflective piping called 3H made by PAIHO. It is clearly a 3M Scotchlite knock-off.

Viosport Action Cam 3 blah...

Viosport Action Cam 3

  • Cable with 3.5mm TRRS, same as V-Mate with standard from tip Left, Video, Ground, Right.
  • $80 from MMBA forum member winbert.
DC Power Supply

Power Supply

Recording Length Test

4GB Card Test. Kingston, Class 4, microSDHC. Formatted card as FAT32 in Disk Utility on OS X to blank. Inserted, started recording. 4:27:56 of video before red recording LED began blinking fast and card was full. Resulting video was playable under QuickTime.

Measured Peak Power Consumption

Viosport Adventure Cam 3:
125.3mA @ 12VDC (1.5W)
SanDisk V-Mate (SDMV1-R):
328.8mA @ 5VDC (1.65W)
Power Supply w/ Camera and V-Mate Recording:
XmA @ 14.XDC (X.XXW)
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