I originally put this mix together for a Fourth of July celebration at my friend Pete's house in 2004. It was played there, and realizing that it had some nice songs in it, I recorded it as my first real-time mix. It's also the first one I've offered for download.

Remember, if you like the tracks you hear in this mix, purchase the album. The artists appreciate it.




  • Prefuse 73 - Cultural Orgasm (Buy)
  • Themselves - Dark Sky Demo (Buy)
  • RJD2 - Iced Lightning (Buy)
  • Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints (Buy)
  • Kreidler - Mnemorex (Buy)
  • Funkst√∂rung - Fat Camp Feva (Buy)
  • Kid 606 - Roll With It (Buy)
  • Aesop Rock - Daylight (Buy)
  • Hymie's Basement - 21st Century Pop Song (Buy)
  • Art of Noise - Metaforce (Buy)
  • Dykehouse - Chain Smoking (Buy)
  • Wire - The Agfers of Kodac (Buy)
  • Regular Fries - Blown a Fuse (Buy)
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