I hope noone minds, but I’d like to take a moment to share in some joy.

It is done:

All legal, ripped from my personal collection. Yes, it took forever (I worked on and off throughout December ripping, cleaning tags and names, and sorting), but ever since I was little I had dreams of going to a single box and playing all my music by picking it from a menu. And now it is.

Thank you. :)


  1. b3auty_qu33n:

    Wow! You are officially “The Man.”

  2. c0nsumer:

    :P I’m just glad it’s done. hehe.

  3. starlyn:

    RAWK!! That’s awesome…wow, that must be one powerful computer… :-P

  4. peculiaire:

    Excuse me, but did I tell you that I was willing to be shared out??? ;)

    No, really. That’s cool. :D

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