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Last updated on November 20, 2012

There are finally living flowers on my front porch again. It’s not like I remember a time when I had flowers growing there (although I know there were some when my grandparents were still here) but there were definately skeletal remains of flowers (or something organic) in the flower pots and around the tree.

I picked up some salvia for the long flower boxes and some saw toothed red thing for the small pot. Around the tree are some purple uhm… something. Something purple.

They’ve also been liberally watered with a Miracle-Gro solution. I’m supposed to do this twice a month (or so). Then every day they need to be watered. But that’s all right… Something to do when I get home from work. Besides poop.

Well, hopefully the flowers won’t die. If they do it’s not like it’s a huge investment, but then I will be forced to get rid of the flower pots and planting area around the tree. I either want nice looking things there or plain old grass. No more scraggly light grey things.

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